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~ Challenged ~


I hope this comes as no surprise –
these words I want to convey,
just want you to know why –
I need you as a friend everyday.

We may not have the same beliefs –
morals and values, not exactly the same,
it doesn’t really matter to me, you see –
for the Master’s love has many names.

I may have faith so very strong –
but still get lonely just like you,
friendship is not based on differences –
but for each other, what we can do.

If you are hurting or in pain –
it doesn’t matter what I believe,
I’ll still be waiting here for you –
to share your feelings with me.

When I feel like I’m down and out –
it’s on your shoulder that I lay,
to bring me comfort from despair –
so I can see a brighter day.

In friendship we care for each other –
because often a friend is what we need,
to let us know that we are loved –
and by our side they will be.

It makes a difference to me that you care –
and so this message to you I send,
I value all the good in you –
that’s why I need you as a friend!

Steve A. Politte
© 2/16/2006




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