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We Never Know

by Eva Dimel



We never know someone else’s pain
or where they might have been,
But with love in our hearts and
everything we have we need to pray for them.

We never know the hope they’ve lost
their defeat and their despair,
But God gives us the chance to reach out
and let them know we care.

We never know the road they’ve walked
or how many times they‘ve failed,
But with compassion we can take the time to listen,
to their story only they can tell.

We never know how alone they feel
or how afraid that they might be,
But with God’s help we can talk to them
about the things that they might need.

We never know when they awake each day
the worries that’s on their mind,
But we can pray and tell them about God,
being patient for some things take time.

We never know what’s in their hearts
but God our Father does,
And He gives us the chance to always
reach out and show them they are loved.

We never know so many things
but God has shown us that we can trust,
That in His time things will get better,
and we are blessed when He uses us.

Written By Eva Dimel
Inspired By God
June 22nd 2013



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