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NEW PAGE - July 20th, 2011


Meet Our Author's/Poets 



On this page I have listed our Author's/Poets.  Click on each name to view their videos.  Note:  This is a new feature, so please give me time (and this may take some a few weeks and longer, maybe a few months) and I will have them all up.  Once I get all of the authors/writers/poets pages up and running, then I will go back to each and work on the video pages, putting better backgrounds and ads.  I will also add the Patriotic, Holiday, Videos With A Song, so that all of our videos (flash) can be accessed from this one page.  Thanks.



Chee Chee Martin    Don Balsley     Charles Betts    Vickielynn Conwell    Carol Barton  


B.J. Morbitzer     Steve A. Politte    Eva Dimel     Karen Bunker     Karen Kelley     Brenda Clark Pike    


Judith Johnson Kypta     Glenna M. Baugh      Jeffrey Paul Guest     Kay A. Davis     Rufus Curtis


Linda Vale Martin     Shirley Adcock Baucom     Kay Brewer     Clarence (Sonny) White    


Dawn R. Gwin     Denise (Pokey) Lanford - Guest     BamaBob Yates     Lynn King     Beverly Lawyer


Meggie Gultiano    Doug Holt    Anonymous    Sheila Kline    Carolyn Sawin    Shirley Ann Shaw


Marlys Andrada    Carolyn Ford Witt     Jan Stefher     Janice Marler






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