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The day is done and the darkness Falls
from the wings of night,
As a feather wafted downward
from an Eagle in his flight.

For the beauty of the earth,
For the glory of the skies,
I see the wonders of God,
When I open my eyes.

Far beyond the stars,
I can see so clear,
For as he guides me on this earth,
I have no doubts or fears.

For by his promise, and by his own hand,
I will one day walk with Jesus,
and sing in the Angel痴 band
He has a place just for me,

In heaven I am told,
A beautiful mansion,
And streets paved with gold.

I値l have a new body,
That will be so grand,
I値l see my friends and family,
With the Saints I will stand,

I値l talk with Moses, Abraham, and Jacob
See the heavenly king himself.
Walk hand in hand with Jesus
For he has told me I would not be left.

So while I知 in my temporary home
I値l be satisfied for just now.
I will enjoy all Gods beauties
And keep his commandments I vow.

written by
Trenica Anderson






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