Thoughts of yesterday still come to mind
Many sacrifices dad you had to make:
To keep the family all together,
Dad you toiled hard in winds and weather.

My thoughts go back to when I was young
My dad worked from morning until set of sun:
He toiled hard as he worked in the heat,
To keep the family happy and complete.

My dad was loving kind and so true
A dad who was patient in all that we do:
Although they lived such busy lives,
Today dad we still think the world of you.

He always gave love, strength and support
He found the time for caring and sharing,
On this special day we are glad,
That God sent you to be our dad.

Dad so many things you taught us
Always upon your love we could depend:
A fathers love holds a special part,
You were our dad and our best friend.

Another year has come
Your face I still see in memory:
I think of all the yesterdays,
When you were here with me.

When my time on earth is ended
I will come to live with God and you,
Where there's no hurt, suffering or pain,
In God's celestial city we will live again.

I know you're enjoying your children in Heaven
Singing and praising your Lord and King;
Walking and talking on streets of purest gold,
In that beautiful city where you'll never grow old.

Dad you are shouting from the hills of glory
Still strolling the streets of heaven so fair,
At last, At last you made it to heaven,
I wish you, " Happy Fathers Day 2007".

Bernice Ward
© June2007




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