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~ The Abortion Factor: America's Moral Decline ~



This presentation is based primarily on my own personal experience and information of personal data, although the number of abortions since Roe vs. Wade is fairly accurate.  Also, part of this presentation is my own personal opinion.  It is not intended for argument per say, but I will certainly answer any questions that one might have as best to my ability.  God bless.  I also intend to update this as new insights come to me, however that may come about, for I know that there is so much more than what I have said here.


Genesis 1: 24 – 31

“Then God said:  “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.  Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and the cattle, and over all the wild animals and all the creatures that crawl on the ground.”


God created man in his image;  in the divine image he created him;  male and female he created them.  God bless them, saying:  “Be fertile and multiply;  fill the earth and subdue it.  Have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and all the living things that move on the earth.”  God also said:  “See, I give you every seed-bearing plant all over the earth and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit on it to be your food;  and to all the animals of the land, all the birds of the air, and all the living creatures that crawl on the ground, I give all the green plants for food.”  And so it happened.  God looked at everything he had made, and he found it very good.  Evening came and morning followed – the sixth day.”


And so it is, that God is the author of all of creation, of the sea creatures, the birds of the air, the animals of the land, and all the plants and trees, and God gave man dominion over it all.  God created man in His own image and likeness.  God told man to be fruitful and multiply for His plan of the creation of humankind would begin at the time of conception;  when the sperm of the man fertilized the egg of the woman, the beginning of the process of life as authored by God.  A life being brought into existence by God at that moment of conception, living and growing in the mother’s womb, being fed and nurtured until it was and is ready to enter this earthly journey, through birth.


When I was a youngster in the early fifties, our family (we then lived in the city) would often drive to the country where many or relatives lived, to visit, and also in the summertime, some of us boys would get to stay with an aunt and uncle for a couple of weeks.  Of course we would hang out with our cousins, after chores were done.  I’ll never forget one day in particular, that two of my cousins (brothers) and me and my brother Jim had gone to pick blackberries.  Well, we also did others things as well, and one was to go swimming in the many ponds.  On this particular day we were throwing small pebbles into the water, and I took note of the ripples that resulted in the stones being thrown.  And when I through a huge rock, the ripple affect was even larger, reaching all the way to the banks of the pond.  I am writing this story for a reason that is coming up in a bit, so just keep this in mind.


Now, getting back to God and His plan for creation, and only His plan, for He holds life, all life on this earth, and most especially human life, in the palms of his hands, so to speak.  And up until the 1970’s, there was never a movement or an effort or a group of folks (us inferior than God human folks) to say any different about God’s plan.  That was until January 22nd, 1973 when the Supreme Court of our United States of America, decided that God was wrong about human life, that it did not start at the time of conception, but at some other stage of a baby’s growing in it’s mother’s womb, or when it was birthed into this world.  That decision was because of the case brought before the court, of Roe verses Wade, as most people should know by this time.


Personally, I think it was the greatest sin of a people (generally speaking), a government, a society, a country, or a nation, since the sin of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, and that the ripple affect of that sin is still spreading forth like that ripple on that pond I talked about.  Perhaps most folks have never thought about this in this way, at least I have never seen anything written, so I am going to give it a try, and present to you some of those ripples up until today. 


Before that decision by our Supreme Court, abortion was illegal of course, though there were people who had abortions, and most often in secret, probably so far back in our country’s history, too far back for me to know exactly.  But I do remember my mom talking about abortion being done in her days in the 1920’s and 30’s, and I am quite sure that it goes further back than that, way further back.  Of course young people were having sex outside of marriage in my high school years, and most likely abortions as well, but that was the sin of the individuals involved.  The law as still that “abortions were illegal.”


It would seem logical and apparent to me that when abortions became legal in this country, and this terrible sin was committed, that quite possibly God became very angry with this United States of ours, and why shouldn’t he?  How dare mere human beings even attempt to interfere with his plan of creation, and make a man made law that says it is ok to kill unborn children. So what happened on that sad day in January of 1973 is what I call the beginning of a moral decline in this country, and the ripple affect would support this thinking even more and more as time goes by.  Because of the Roe verses Wade decision, I believe that the most apparent result was the breakdown of the family structure. Unmarried young folks (primarily high school age) and even younger, were and continue to get pregnant, continue to have sex without giving much regard to the fact that quite possibly a baby could be conceived.


But also when the child was not aborted, we began to see more and more single parent families, fleeing fathers to avoid any responsibility as to the care of the baby and the mother.  Whereas before, there was a more stable family structure of a father and mother, now that number has and is still generally decreasing.  Now we have single mothers with children having to work to support their child or children, and sometimes one job just isn’t enough because most often they can only get low paying jobs.  Why low paying jobs?  Another ripple affect.  These mothers have had to quit school to take care of their child or children, and without a better education have had to settle for such low paying jobs.  Oh in some cases the grandparents have stepped in to help, but that is not the general scenario, that is the exception.  And then these kids grow up to the point that they have to start going to school, which makes even harder for the single parent mother, and I am sure that in some cases, the single parent dad.  We even have situations in our schools, and this is a widespread situation, where the pregnant mother is carrying the baby while going to school.  And for the most part in our public schools, young students are not told much about abstinence as the primary course of action to take to avoid getting pregnant, which isn’t the responsibility of the schools in the first place, but that of the parents.


Which brings us to another ripple affect, the lack of sexual education in the home, and/or the misguiding of that concern.  I have heard from parent after parent, yes Christian parents, telling me that they just told their sons to use condoms, as they knew their sons was going to have sex anyway; or tell their daughters to be sure and take the pill, for the very same reason.  My response was, “Well, I had sexual feelings when I was in my teenage years, and I was taught to control them and to practice abstinence.


Teaching about the use of condoms as such, one would think, that would have contributed to less pregnancies  in the last twenty years, since they were made available in our public schools so that young folks can have what is called by many, most notably the organization called Planned Parenthood, “safe sex.”  Apparently they were not used as much as we might think, even despite the risk of the many venereal diseases that those people would be exposed to.


And also was/is more used by married couples to prevent the birth of children, as was the pill, and vasectomies’.   However a whole lot of married people made use of the sinful law by the Supreme Court and this country to abort babies that were conceived un-expectantly or that wasn’t in their planning.  The ripple affect produced an attitude among not only the young folks in this country, but also older as well.


It seems as if the norm for young folks today is to have sex outside of marriage, and many times at a very young age, and possibly a child is the result.  Also, to live together with another young man or woman, outside of the bounds of marriage, in what is the sin of “fornication,” without, if any thought to that as being morally wrong, thus another ripple affect of that dreadful decision.


And for those couples choosing to have children, the number of children is usually planned by the couple, as a result of an attitude most often said, “We cannot afford more children.”  So, unfortunately us Americans are not re-populating ourselves, and can expect that the future of our country will indeed be run by Muslims, not that being a Muslim is bad, there are the legitimate sector of the Muslim religion that is not a threat to us, but they seem to be the minority.  It is that sector that seeks to destroy our country, that could possibly be running this government in the not too far off distant future.  This must be considered as another ripple affect of that abortion decision.  Why?  Because that decision changed the moral conscience of this country.


We know of course that the abortion law has been opposed and/or is now opposed by most Americans and many churches, most especially the Catholic Church, and other groups as well, and that our current President has no regard for human life because of his stated intentions to make abortions on demand available, of course using our tax dollars for this effort.


The disregard for human life in this country has become and continues to be an epidemic of violence and crime; corruption that has no bounds, as it is ever so present in our government, most especially during these times.  Most all areas of crime has skyrocketed since that Supreme Court ruling;  rapes, robbery, home break-in’s, child abuse, spousal abuse, bribes, murders, bombings, and many others, all contributing to this dreadful moral decay in our country.


As most of you know, this attitude of violence has even found it’s way, not just in the movies and television programming of today, but in computer games, and hand held games, books, magazine, newspapers, in the music we hear, in the many different sports, in just about every phase of human life.  What a tragedy, what a mess. 


The ripple affect goes on.  People stopped going to church;  young folks and even older decided that it was ok to live together and engage in sex outside of marriage, with hardly any guilt at all (you will see this statement repeated).  It has become an accepted lifestyle in this country, as well as the world.  And the largest generation of parents, the baby boomer generation, is at a loss of words to say anything to their children for fear of offending them, or insulting them, or alienating them from the family.  It is just accepted, and folks that is very wrong, and we know it.  And it has contributed to this moral decay in our country.  And the sad thing is for our country is that we are not populating enough to meet the need to continue this country as it once was.  Throw that in with the over 53 million babies that have been aborted and/or killed since that Supreme Court decision, and we will not have to wonder why there is an economic meltdown in this country today.  It has not just happened because of a corrupt banking system and a corrupt government.  If we think about it, we would have to admit that even our economic situation of today is linked to this abortion decision.  And it's not just about abortion folks, as I have already mentioned some other areas.  It's about life, human life, not just the killing, but the lack of respect for the human person in this country from birth until natural death.  And I believe that it will get even worse.


John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute recently has this to say in one of his articles:


What does it say about our government when government employees with the Securities and Exchange Commission spent hours watching pornography while the nation underwent a financial crisis?

What does it say about our communities when more than half of all marriages, including Christian marriages, end in divorce?

What does it say about our values when more than 1.6 million babies are aborted every year in the U.S., Christians are treated like second-class citizens, senior citizens are prohibited from praying together, and school children are punished for talking about God?

What it says to me is that our government and the American people have lost their moral compass, and thus have no sense of right and wrong anymore.

We are a nation that has forgotten God.

Everything that was once considered sacred—human life, marriage, family, religion—is being devalued on a daily basis. And as our nation sinks into an ever-deepening spiritual and moral crisis, the erosion of our freedoms on virtually every front, including religious freedom, is accelerating and The Rutherford Institute is increasingly being called on to stand in defense of those whose rights are violated.

This is exactly what John Adams, our nation's second president and one of the greatest champions for freedom, warned against when he declared that the Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people.

In other words, freedom in the true sense of the word must always be undergirded by a common moral and religious system. That understanding has been largely lost today, due in large part to the efforts of those who are hostile to religion.

And as recent developments and court rulings make clear, our government no longer exists to serve the people. Indeed, Americans are starting to realize that our government poses the gravest threat to our freedoms today.


God has been taken out of our schools, his name, at least in the process of being removed from out currency.  Christians are now being persecuted by our government.  Our leaders are making it more and more difficult for our ministers, pastors, and priests, who could be faced with jail time for preaching the word of God, while religions of hate continue without regard.  And this is a result of attempts to make our country a Socialistic country by our President and his hand picked people, who are called the “left” or extremists or liberals.  Our country is becoming more and more divided everyday as a result, yet the voice of the people is not being heard, well maybe it’s heard, but most certainly disregarded.


It is my opinion that all Supreme Court Justices should be elected by the majority of the citizens of the United States and not the Senate, before which the people of this country will have access to all information about each nominee, that is necessary to make a fair decision, and the number one requirement being that they have served as a judge for a minimum of at least ten years.


Who would have ever thought that all of this could have happened because of one decision that a court in the United States of America made some 36 years ago.  God knew and God knows people, and our only recourse is to pray.  Pray for our country and it’s sins, most especially this sin of legal abortion that has led us to this terrible moral decay. 


But as bad as it may seem to be or maybe even get, the ripple will stop, there is much hope, there is much faith, because we belong to God, and we are His children, and because He is in control, not human beings, not a court, not a government, but God only.  There are so many, many people who care and who pray and whose prayers will be answered.  God will forgive us because God is all forgiving, because God is all loving.  But God does want us to pray to Him and God will intercede for us and help us to restore our country to what our founding fathers fought and died for it to be, a country bound to God and with Jesus as our Victor, so that we can still confidently cry out, “God bless America!”



Steve A. Politte

© May, 2010




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