God Created Mothers


 Mary was the first
we honored with great pride
knowing how her heart was torn
as she wept by Jesus’ side…

 Mothers are the teachers
of children as they grow
teaching them good manners—
everything they need to know.

They nurture, tend, and raise their young
protect them from all fears,
and when their child is hurting—
soothe away their tears.

Each mom is courageous
in sacrifices made.
She prays for right decisions
God’s children must obey.

Moms have the softest hearts,
and toughest of all rules
because they know the truth of God
is not taught in our schools.

Mothers are great guides
in leading to the cross
where we must lay our sins down
to save our soul from loss.

On this day, we honor you—
so filled with love and grace,
for God, in all His glory,
shows in your shining face.

Tamara Hillman




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