~ The Last Goodbye ~

When we first found each other -
I knew from the very start,
That we would be the best of friends -
Because the bond was in our hearts.

You have always been so very special -
And I hold you in high esteem,
For no matter it be day or night -
You are always there for me it seems.

You brighten my day when I am down -
Your smile just gives me a reason,
For in this heart that God has graced -
I have found a friend for all seasons.

Being blessed the way I am -
So embraced by your gentle love,
I know that this bond we share -
Was made in heaven by God above.

You fill my needs so complete -
And continue to challenge me to grow.
We do for each other what needs to be -
That's what keeps this bond from being old.

It amazes me in so many ways -
the care and love from your generous heart,
For having know you I am a better person -
And from each other we will never part.

Each new day as the sun comes up -
I say a prayer for a very simple reason,
It's a prayer of thanks to our dear Lord -
That I too am a friend to you . . . for all seasons!

Steve A. Politte



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