~ A Friend Is A Gift ~

A friend is a gift to behold –
for it is a gift from God,
two life’s brought together –
side by side they will trod.

A bond so strong like a chain –
being there when each one calls,
carrying for each one’s needs –
to lift broken spirits when they fall.

To share this journey of life –
the joys and struggles of each day,
always lending an open ear –
when one has something to say.

Caring for what’s in the heart –
giving each the gift of love,
whether close or far away –
giving this gift from above.

Friends challenge each other –
to be the best each can be,
giving without asking in return –
that’s what you, my friend, mean to me.

The doors of communication always open –
willing to change for the better,
based on this love of God –
bringing each closer together.

“The greatest gift,” He said –
and thus my heart will never bend,
“is to lay down your life for another” –
I would do that for you, my friend!

© Steve A. Politte




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