~ The Last Goodbye ~

Black velvet is the color of the night sky
Stars sparkle like diamonds hanging on high
Silvery beams of moonlight cast a soft glow
The tides of life continue to ebb and flow

Our lives are like the seasons of time
Childhood is full of friends and playtime
We burst forth and blossom in the spring
Then we grow up and see what life will bring

Summer is the nesting and planning time
Sometimes life has no reason or rhyme
Our children grow up, start out on their own
And all too soon, we are left quite alone

With fall comes a mellow and calming time
We start to realize we are close to our prime
We must reach out for the rest of our dreams
Time is slowly passing us by or so it seems

Winter is what we make it to be
Happy or sad, that is up to you and me
We can keep out the cold with family and friends
What a joyful way for our life seasons to end


Jan Stefher

(C) June 1st, 2009



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