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   This is not spam.
This is an attempt to spread the Joy of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ around the World! Please read on!      
          GOD speaks' Internet Radio - Please Listen 2 GLORIOUS Music 24/7  @ Soldiers of the LIGHT ministries  http://www.sotlm.com or Http://wwwSoldiersoftheLIGHTministries.com.   Look for the  Purple  Boom Box Playing. (Top Frame)                      
How we Got Your e-mail?
           We stared working our faith e-mailing every one we knew here in wenatchee, WA and our friends Long distance if they had an e-mail and the local churches & ministries
     Also we did some searching through The Christian counter  (there website directory) and found Christian guest books and sent out email announcements about our website to any one who left a e-mail address.  And different e-mail addressees we had in our e-mail.      
What the Holy Spirit has bean doing here in Wenatchee, WA?
      We are having our discipleship meetings (small Group Bible Study's)  on Thursdays @ 3:00 PM & They are Growing . We are currently in first Corinthians next week. Some time in the beginning of 2011 we have a guest teacher coming in to teach Romans. Please Pray for us.  
      Also can  if you wish you can Get prayer (see form on home page), Chat with others, Watch our wedding video, listen to Holy Spirit filled teaching, we are now inducting our online volunteer Prayer Warrior Team. Please  Look for the Prayer Warrior icon in the main frame) on our Home Page & read what others have to say about us in our guest book.
       Abundant Blessings on you in Jesus Name,
  We look forward to your visit. God Bless U 
              Your friends  Kevin & Bonnie Spencer / 
    P.S.:   FROM GOD -  We would like to keep in touch with you but if you don't want us to we are sorry for any inconvenience we have caused. Please reply to this email and type remove and we will try not bother you again.
What others are saying about this e-mail?
Hello Soldiers,
Blessings to you today and thank you very much for you
Email and I so appreciate you.May the Lord bless you
For the great things you are doing for the ministry.
Praying for you always.
Love sent,
God Bless You and Your Ministry. Let no man, woman,
Child on this earth or demon from hell keep you from
Fulfilling the call God has on your life. Keep on preaching
 - preachers, hold onto the unchanging hand of God and
I know HE will bless your ministry!
Yours In Christ Jesus,
Rev. Jones
Are you kidding?  Erase my name from receiving these
Blessings?  No way!  God bless you and please, keep
Blessing my life with yours!
Pastor Soky Torruellas
Church of the Nazarene,
Tampa, Florida
Dear Kevin And Bonnie,
 Elkanah is my name from Kenya (Africa) thanks for this
News letter,its so timely and saltend,continue seding more
 To me,look forward to hear from you.

                           Faithful Until He Comes Back
                           Pastor Elkanah
Hi Kevin & Bonnie.......,
I wanted to let you know that I have put a text link to
Your ministry at:  http://www.ww8r.com/links.HTML
Love the music !!!   Russ  http://www.ww8r.com
Been thinking about you & newsletter popped up  What
 a cute pic of the 2 of you, etc!  Lord bless & keep 
 Love, nan





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