~Have I Told You Lately~



Have I told you Darling, lately
just how very much
I Love and appreciate
all of the wonderful and special things
that You always do for me.

Have I told you lately, just how very much
those simple,’ three little words',
I Love You’, really do mean to me
and just how happy hearing them
really bring you to me, so deep !

Have I told you lately,
that it's You, so very much I need
and that in my Heart
you instill and inspire, a very special piece, a part,
of this tender love, that you share with me !

Have I told you lately
that you are, ‘The Only One For Me',
that I will ever really love !
Your love, is like the precious dove
sent to me, unconditionally, from Up-above !

Have I told you lately, my Dear,
just how safe and good I feel inside
every time you hold me, so close and near
and that as you hold me, ever so tightly,
I never have anything to fear !

Have I told you lately, Sweetheart,
that you are, The Light Of My Life' !
You take away all of the tears, that I hold inside,
and fill my heart with happiness, joy, and a sense of pride !

Yes, it's You, only you, who holds my heart,

always, and forever true !

(Written by-Pastor Shirley Ann Shaw)
© (02/19/2012)




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