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     October 11, 2015



28th Sunday of O.T. (C)



~ Putting God First ~




As Jesus continued his journey to Jerusalem,
he traveled through Samaria and Galilee.
As he was entering a village, ten lepers met him.
They stood at a distance from him and raised their voices, saying,
"Jesus, Master! Have pity on us!"
And when he saw them, he said,
"Go show yourselves to the priests."
As they were going they were cleansed.
And one of them, realizing he had been healed,
returned, glorifying God in a loud voice;
and he fell at the feet of Jesus and thanked him.
He was a Samaritan.
Jesus said in reply,
"Ten were cleansed, were they not?
Where are the other nine?
Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God?"
Then he said to him, "Stand up and go;
your faith has saved you."


I sometimes wonder if we haven't acted like those nine lepers who walked away. They were healed of their leprosy and failed to give thanks to Jesus for the cure he had given them. I wonder even still, what is my leprosy? What is your leprosy? What have we gone before the Lord with? Perhaps a personal problem; perhaps a family problem; perhaps a health issue, physical or mental; perhaps financial problem. Or, maybe it's that we haven't talked to a sister or brother for years because of some silly or insignificant reason. Maybe a deep hurt that has been festering for years; a refusal to forgive another; a problem with an abusive spouse or being a victim of child abuse; perhaps a problem with getting older. Maybe we have looked all over for solutions to these trying burdens. We've searched every corner, been to every person we trusted, said every prayer we knew, and then yet to no avail, and finally admitted to ourselves that our only hope is in Jesus, who knew all along what was bothering us and how to help us.

So we've gone before the Lord with our needs to be healed, to be made whole again from the brokenness that we are. And ever so gently and without condition He gives us the cure we've been waiting for, not always, but maybe this one time, and Jesus says to us to go out into the world and show what he had done for us. Only we go out to proclaim the wonders of the world and forget to give thanks to Jesus, or we simply don't think it's that important to do. After all, we'll come back some other time.

Do we ever stop to think that there are other folks also wanting to be healed? That someone worse off than I, was searching for a cure or a solution to a problem? Not all hurts are healed my friends. Not all broken relationships are fixed. Not all wounds are bandaged. Not all financial obligations are met. Not all children escape the dreaded onslaught of disease, poverty, and sexual abuse. Not all of the problems of the world will be solved, and not all of the injustices by our country's leaders will be repealed.

Apparently, those other nine lepers, who were cured of their leprosy, did not think it important enough to put Jesus first in their lives, enough so, that they should go back and thank him. And perhaps the real message of this gospel reading is about putting God first in our lives. Certainly does apply to me at times, or at least it use to, and now I am more aware of my need to do just that, put God Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, first in my life each day. I wonder though . . . why would putting God first in our lives even be important? Well, I know why for myself. Do you? Think about it, and while we are thinking about that, let us be reminded of the current times that we are living in, most especially in this country of the United States of America. I have to name our country because there are folks from other countries who read this. Ah, maybe then, it also applies to them.

It does not seem as if we are living in the best of times, does it? It seems to me that we live in the worse of times.  But how would we know that if we haven't lived in all times? We wouldn't. However knowing our history might give us an idea, and from what I have been able to read and gather, we live in very, very bad and dangerous times. It is no secret that Christians are being targeted because of our beliefs, that when we express them, in some cases, folks are released from their jobs, targeted as being people of hate, and even some have been put in jail (for some made up allegation) by those who seem to want to do away with our Constitution, our individual rights, our privacy, our dreams, our expressions of Christian faith, and our beliefs that make up our faith expressions. It is no secret that the people of this country are in a serious plight, the possibility of a third world order, and the total takeover of America by the claws of evil and injustice.

And it seems like time is running out, as more and more Christians are being persecuted each day, perhaps not physically, but most certainly in ways that is affecting their lives with danger.  It seems to me that this has been the objective of this President and his administration from the very beginning, and who knows, perhaps today is possibly the last opportunity that we have to save our America, and our American Dream? Because if we fail to do that, we will become slaves of big government. The man seems to be so full of hate for our America, possibly because most Americans don't share his ideology.  Nonetheless, we cannot turn the tide into our direction if we do not go to God in prayer, if we do not put God first and foremost in our everyday lives. Nothing is going to happen that is good, there will be no victory over corruption and evil, no matter how many, no matter how tall we stand, how much our voices shout out in dissent, and no matter how much energy we put into trying to save this country. My friends, that can only come about through the grace and the hope that God gives. And it is that grace and hope that we should cling to each and every moment of each and every day, in grateful thanks for all that God have given us in the past, and whispered for in prayer, that he give us in the days to come.

God bless you all with a great week ahead, and with good health for your families and for all of your needs. I know that they are many. Peace of Christ be with you.

Deacon Steve
October 10, 2015




Every Need And Every Care


Every need and every care,
Is lifted up everyday to our Father in prayer.
Every worry and every fear,
Sends us to our Father,
for we know that He cares.
All of the sadness, and sorrow and pain,
Reminds us that we need our Father again.
All of the trials that life sends our way,
Is just one more reason to take time out to pray.
Mercy and peace, hope and love,
Blessings sent down from our Father above.
Strength when we need it to carry on,
Knowing with God is where we belong.
Blue skies and sunshine, and days that are good,
Prayers really do change things,
just like God said they would.
With every need and every care,
Comes the promise that our Father,
will always be there.

Written By Eva Dimel
Inspired By God
October 7th 2010





His life for Mine






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