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The song playing is "This Is America Heart and Soul" by John Schmidt

Information on how to purchase this and two more of John's songs, scroll to the bottom page!














I was inspired to write this song shortly after the events of 9/11. It soon became a tribute to our troops. The first line of the song, OLD GLORY STILL FLIES FADED OUT THERE ON MY FRONT PORCH, means that flag will fly till all the troops are home. No mater what your political party, we need to SUPPORT the TROOPS !

I have sent 100 copies of the cd single to the troops in Iraq. I work with

I produce and burn the cd`s myself. All the proceeds from the cd`s go to make more copies to put in care packages for the troops.


If you wish to purchase a cd single of  " THIS IS AMERICA OUR HEART & SOUL " please e-mail me at jms3112@aol.com for details.


John Schmidt lead vocals & drums
Ashley Schmidt backing vocals
Jason Rosendary all music and backing vocals







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