Open My Eyes Lord Newsletter

 Open My Eyes Newsletter

 April 12, 2018




"Seeds Are Planted"

by BamaBob Yates

Seeds Are Planted from Steve Politte on Vimeo.





"He Never Knew A Stranger" 

by Eva Dimel

He Never Knew A Stranger from Steve Politte on Vimeo.






"You Can't Go Home"

by Tamara Hillman

You Can't Go Home from Steve Politte on Vimeo.






"Hugs From Heaven"

by Jeanette Cecil

Hugs From Heaven from Steve Politte on Vimeo.




Featured Poem


Praise to My Wonderful God

by  Shirley Adcock Baucom



What a sweet blessed time when I bow in prayer

And worship and praise You, my Wonderful God.

Giving You my troubles, my doubts, my care,

Finding rest from the weary path I have trod.


My Awesome God, You’re a Mighty God!

An eternal, three Persons in One!

May this heart of mine give You honor and glory;

God, the Father! God the Spirit! And God the Son!


Thank You, Father God, for Your wonderful love,

That sent down Your Son, to a world full of sin;

To woo us, to save us, to make us whole;

To cleanse and perfect us, without and within.


Dear Jesus, Lord,  my Savior, my Friend;

How blessed I am by Your mercy and grace.

I should have hung on Calvary’s cross,

Instead, it was YOU there… taking my place.


The pain and suffering…. the blood that You shed;

What a ransom You paid for my soul that was lost!

I’m Redeemed! I am Saved!  Lord, I’m safe in the fold!

For You purchased my freedom, disregarding the cost.


Thank you sweet Holy Spirit of God…

My Counselor, Comforter, my constant Guide.

For helping me discern God’s will for my life;

For inspiration and guidance You always provide.


You continually monitor my heart and soul;

Aware of my joys, my needs, my cares;

And make them known before God’s throne

When I am unable to offer my prayers.


I praise and thank You, my Triune God,

For the peace and joy that floods my soul;

For the showers of blessings that daily are mine;

Lifting me up… making me strong and whole.


Praises to You, my heavenly Father,

And to Jesus, my Savior, King of my heart!

Thanksgiving to You, Sweet Holy Spirit of God,

You are all in my heart and will never depart!



Shirley Adcock Baucom






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