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His Hands Not Mine

To my Friend Tommy

God above must really love me
even more than I ever knew,
Heís done so much to prove His love,
forever faithful and true;

Heís allowed me to meet so many great friends,
some young and some quite old,
And I stopped counting years ago,
for the number could never be told;

There is just no limit to the wonderful things
that our Lord Jesus can do,
For today he gave me another friend Ė
Little Tommy, yes, thatís You!

And my friend Tommy is very special,
with a heart thatís filled with Love,
He writes such beautiful poetry about Jesus,
and Heaven above;

And someday I pray that I can meet
my friend Tommy face to face,
And he and I can write together
about Jesus and His saving Grace.

God bless you Tommy,

With all my love,
Arvil Jones







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