~ The Last Goodbye ~

As I look deep into that cold night sky ,
I wonder if you can see me thru the clouds,
And if you feel the pain of my loneliness.
My heart traveled with yours did you know , are you allowed?

Darling are you allowed to miss me,
To long to kiss me?
Or does Heaven's gates protect you from this pain?
While down here my tears still flow like rain .

Tonight marks another year without you.
I still want you more than I can say.
And I wonder if from your special place in heaven ,
You can see how my whole life ended too , that night the angels
carried you away.

They say there are no tears in heaven , Oh how I pray that is true .
Cause darling I'm still down here crying ,tears enough for two,
That night's not just etched in stone ... but burned inside my mind!!
July 11, 1987 , yeah July 11, 1987 .

You always told me not weep when you left me,
To just remember all the good times we had..
But my heart won't let my mind forget you.
Tho baby I have to admit I haven't tried ...

I still have all the things that you gave me.
And I wear the ring that mirrors the one on your hand .
Oh I feel your presence all around now,
And I hear that same sweet angel band.

Beautiful colors softly shining,
You waiting for me on the shores of heaven ,
Oh my love , since July 11, 1987 ,
Faithfully, my only love .... since July 11, 1987.


(C) Karen Kelley

April 16th, 2011


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