In Anticipation Of The King

A world so wicked, no one to honor.
No Hope to seek, Hearts lost in shame.
How long can this world continue going?
Everywhere we go, it all looks the same.

Each day in Anticipation of Salvation’s greatest hour,
They find no relief from sin and the battles rage on.
There is no difference we can see in right or wrong.
As we wander searching to find where we belong.

And in the dark of night before the dawn,
We wonder where we are, as tears fill our eyes.
And as the last star fades from the sky above,
We can hear the song of their battle cries!

Perfect God of Heaven please send to us,
New Hope to give us strength to try once again.
We need Your Hand of mercy upon us now,
As we are growing old and we are in such pain.

For years our people have turned to You in prayer.
To send our Savior, Let Him return to earth again.
We all can feel we are in the season.
Precious God, Won’t you please just tell us when….

The trumpet will sound and we will see Him,
Your precious Son who bore our sins away?
For we are lost and seeking shelter,
While the wicked all look the other way.

We are prepared to meet Him in the clouds.
We are ready to leave this life of pain.
Oh, Blessed Father, please forgive us,
And open wide Your arms of love again.

This world is so cold, nothing will warm us.
We shiver together, and still we continue to roam.
Please hear us, Father, as we cry out to You,
Please send King Jesus, to bring us all Home.

Written by Karen Bunker
© December 10, 2011




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