~ The Last Goodbye ~


Looking back through all those years
Thinking . . . Remembering things
Good times, bad times, some with tears
Funny, what memories can bring

Seems good ones, come to the fore
We have a way of forgetting the bad
Many things, our minds hold in store
Some . . . We forgot we even had

We reminisce, on times of our youth
Wondering how years passed, so fast
A bit sorry now, if we'd tell the truth
In not creating better memories, to last

We thought then, we'd have forever
To do things, that needed to be done
Yet, thinking on those years altogether
We tend to pick them apart, one by one

Reaching the "Dusk" of our lives
We try to put things into perspective
And when making memories . . .
I believe we become, more selective

Its substantial memories, we want now
To create, whilst our years are dwindling
We need to concentrate on the "How"
To keep happiness and love, kindling

As we age, our presence seems . . . To dim
As though, somehow we'll just fade away
So lets fill our memory banks, to the brim
And not let the "Dusk" steal them away!


 Judith Johnson Kypta

Copyright 2008



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