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Happy Mother's Day From Heaven

by Eva Dimel





Happy Mothers day from Heaven above,
Mom I want your day to be filled with so much love.
I know that you miss me and wish I was still there,
But Mom I am so happy living with God up here.
I am with you everyday in more ways that one,
I watch you as you sleep when your day is done.
I am the smile on your face and the joy in your heart,
In your life I promise you I will always be a part.
I want so much for you in everyway,
Live your life to the fullest for me each day.
Keep me close to your heart as my memory lives on,
I will always be with you to help you along.
Never forget youíre my Mother who is loved so much,
And even though Iím not there I hope you feel my touch.
A light kiss on your face and even a hug,
Sent down from me from Heaven above.
God please bless my Mom in everyway,
I love you so much happy Mothers day.

Written By Eva Dimel
Inspired By God
May 10th 2013





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