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I was so blessed to be asked to come back to the cancer support group to read some of my poems for them. This was the first group that I had ever spoke at. While there I noticed a man come in late he reminded me of the era that I grew up in with his long hair. When I got done he came up to me and wanted to let me know that when he had an MRI recently he found my book laying there, and started reading it. He told me how it really touched him. I remember leaving that book there when I had an MRI 3 months earlier, that is something I like to do is leave books where ever God wants them, hoping they will be a blessing to someone. I was so blessed knowing God was using me to reach out and help someone else, and how He let me know through that chance meeting with the man from the support group.


This last year has been an trying year for me. I lost my dog Buster of thirteen years, and if you are an animal lover like me, I know you understand how painful that was. I also fell at work and had to have knee surgery, because of it I now am no longer able to work. Needless to say I was very upset, but I started to notice God was having me do more things to reach out to others that I could of never accomplished if I was still working.


Our church was having a craft show for the first time ever, and I wanted to take my books there, I always ask God to help me get them into the hands of whoever He wants to have them. God put it on my heart to take some of my writings and put them on coffee mugs as well as plaques. I was a little overwhelmed by this because I did not know where to start. But God again showed me with Him I could do this. I was very fortunate to get in touch with a Christian lady who was in this business, we had one week to come up with something. So I now have Mother plaques and mugs as well as other things that have been a blessing to so many. God has shown me again how true He is to His word, ďTrust In The Lord With All Your Heart, Lean Not To Your Own Understanding; Acknowledge Him In All Your Ways And He Will Direct Your Path.Ē


I am so grateful to Him for everything, I know without Him I could not do anything. I have no ideal where He is going to take me with this, but I trust Him, and where ever it is I know someone will be blessed.


God knows my heart, He knows my life, and He sees my struggles, and He still continues to use me. Letting me know that to Him I am worthy to do what He asks of me. And even though at times I doubt myself and get afraid of failing Him, He continues to show me I am right where He wants me to be.


I am looking forward to this New Year, and what God has in store for me, with love and compassion for others, never forgetting I am still a work in progress, and always will be.


God Bless You
Eva Dimel


God And Me



Looking back down through my life,

there are times that I can see,


That during my trials and through the storms,

there was only God and me.


And during the nights that were very long,

and full of worry and fear,


I can see that God was with me ,

and He held me because He cared.


And when my heart was broken,

from all the sorrows and pain in my life,


Looking back I can see God and me,

and how He made everything all right.


No matter what I was going through,

I know I never was alone,


For God was with me all the time,

because I am His own.


As time goes on I never know,

just where my life will lead,


But I know that I will be ok,

as long as its God and me.



Written By Eva Dimel

Inspired By God

I Canít Complain



Lord you know I have had days with nothing but rain,

But I have also seen the sun shine, so I canít complain


Iíve been in valleys and had mountains that Iíve had to climb,

But you were there with me Lord, and you helped me every time.


There are times that I have reached out but only felt pain,

But you took care of everything Lord, and I canít complain.


Iíve had trials and temptations, not knowing what to do.

But you took my hand Lord and you saw me through.


There have been days that Iíve needed so many things,

And you showered me with your blessings,

Lord I could never complain.


Iíve had fear and worry, and at times lots of stress,

But you held me close Lord, and allowed me to rest.


My life is a journey that sometimes needs to be changed,

But with you by my side Lord I have no reason to complain..



Written By Eva Dimel

Inspired By God



Celtic Woman - Amazing Grace











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