~ The Last Goodbye ~

Lilly of the valley so beautiful and bright,
Sent to this world to be Godís guiding light.

Shining with hope blooming wherever you are,
Leading the lost like a bright shining star.

Never giving in to temptation and sin,
Showing us the way to be forever with Him.

Touching so many as He passes by,
With compassion and comfort for the ones who cry.

Walking with the rich the poor and the weak,
Knowing in their hearts what they truly seek.

His Fathers love and forgiveness of sins,
Lilly of the valley is where it all begins.

Sacrificed on a cross for you and for me,
He gave all for us so we could be free.

Trampled on by many who did not understand,
Lilly of the valley carrying out His Fathers plan.

Blooming so brightly in this world today,
Down on our knees we thank Jesus as we pray.

© Written By Eva Dimel
Inspired By God
February 27th 2012




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