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~ I'm Here For You ~


If youíre having a bad day,
and you donít know what to do,
I promise as your friend
Iíll always be here for you.

When youíre sad or feeling lonely
like no one even cares,
Pick up the phone and call me
thereís so much that we can share.

I can reassure you that the rain will stop
and the sun will shine again,
God made you so very special
and Iím so blessed that youíre my friend.

Iíll be your shoulder you can cry on
and the hug you really need,
I will stay with you till your ok
I promise you I will not leave.

Down on my knees
my prayers will pour out
as I lift your name up to God,
Asking Him to take good care of you
no matter where you trod.

Iíll bring you flowers
and weíll sit and talk
and laugh for a little while,
And I know that youíll feel better
I know Iíll even see you smile.

Never forget how much your loved
no matter what your going through,
For you have a friend who cares
and lets you know Iím here for you.

Written By Eva Dimel
Inspired By God
© March 28th 2012


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