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His Hands Not Mine

His hands not mine
touch so many today,
Changing lives, giving hope,
in every way.

His hands not mine
is what everyone needs,
My hands are blessed to be able
to just plant some seeds.

His hands not mine
go places I never can,
For He created everyone
and He understands.

His hands not mine
have done so many things,
Filled with love and compassion
for the trials that life brings.

His hands not mine
are always strong never weak,
Always ready to reach out
giving us the peace that we seek.

His hands not mine
answers so many prayers,
Reassuring us that we’re never alone
for He’s always there.

His hands not mine
are the ones everyone reaches for,
When we are lost in life’s storms,
knowing He will lead us to the shore.

His hands not mine
holds all our worries and cares,
Humbly I place my hands in His,
forever grateful that their there.

Written By Eva Dimel
Inspired By God
June 3rd 2012





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