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~ Challenged ~


Drifting along in a canoe
On a lazy summer day
Letting my fingertips touch the water
Making the world fade away.

Feeling the water underneath me flow
Watching each ripple my fingertips create
Each ring slowly makes its way to the edge
The water lapping up against the bank.

The sun peaking out through the clouds
A leaf falling from a nearby tree
Listening to the sounds of Mother Nature
Allowing myself to be free.

I close my eyes as my mind begins to wander
I'm letting myself start to daydream
Harmony and peacefulness blankets me
As I drift on down the stream.

The birds soaring high in the sky
Listening to their sweet, sweet song
Wishing I could do this everyday
Just daydream and drift along.

Chee Chee Martin
© 2004



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