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Lord Jesus You Are Always There


Lord Jesus You Are Always There.

To Listen And Let Us Know You Care.

Jesus . We Need Your Presence Day By Day

Day or Night We Can Come To You And Pray

So Comforting To Know You Take Us By The Hand,

Teach Us The Right Way, To Live At Your Command

You Strengthen Us When We Feel Ever So Weak.

When We Listen Carefully, We Can Hear You Speak

I Feel Safe And Secure With Your Wonderful Love,

I look Forward To Be With You In Heaven Above,

In Your Time Not Ours Lord. Angels We Shall See

Passed Loved Ones, Waiting,  What Joy There will Be.

Until That Day Comes Lord, We Must Continue To Live

According To Your Teaching. Including To Forgive.

Live By Example, As All Christians Should Strive To Do,

Christianity In Action Showing How Much We Love You.

Thank You Lord Jesus For Letting Us Share.

We Praise You Lord Jesus For Always Being There,

To Nurture Each One Of Us, As Only You Can.

Lord Jesus We Love You, And Need To Follow Your Plan.


Doug Holt August 16th 2012









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