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~ I'm Here For You ~

by Pastor Shirley Ann Shaw


Dearest Mom, and Mother of mine
just a letter to you, from me,
to let you know that You were so fine.
You always took the special time
out of your busy, hectic days
just to listen to our bad things!

You were a Mother, like no Other!
You fixed our broken Hearts
and mended our cuts and bruised knees.
You always served us, dinner on the table,
every single day, and never complained
and we could have whatever, we pleased!

You did everything for us
and for this, we can never replace
the Loving, Caring ways,
that You shared with us, every day!
Only You,
would always come to our rescue!

You showed us the right way to Live
and the truths to living right!
You Prayed for, and with us,
which thus, taught us how to survive!
You made us special things too
as you sat on your sewing machine, making us
something new!

I will always treasure and cherish you
as in my Heart, you do stay!
Your Love was always so true
which you gave to us, every single day!
Not once, from us, did you ever walk away,
and for this, Dear Mother, I am so Grateful!
Love, for You, will never change!

Just wanted to let You know,
as Mothers Day, does approach!
You are and were ,'Our Special Angel',
sent to us, from Heaven !
We were so Blessed to have You, here with us,
in every Loving way !
And Mother, while you are away,
know that we think about You, every single day!

(Written by-Pastor Shirley Ann Shaw)
(A Special-Tribute To My Mother-For Mothers Day")



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