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Dave enjoys sharing his inspirational writings with anyone who is looking for God in their own everyday life.  His humor and wit are evident throughout each powerful testimonial.  Dave’s reflections on God are thought provoking, offering a unique perspective of finding God through one’s senses of taste, touch, see, hear and smell.

          His heartwarming messages and compositions touch the heart of all the faithful and is an invitation to believers and nonbelievers alike and those who can’t sense God’s presence in their life.  While contemplating on his own faith journey Dave’s experiences are a reflection of anyone who has ever wondered where to “find” God.

          Dave is the fifteenth of sixteen siblings, a husband, father of three adult children and grandfather of Chase, Max and Katelynn.  He plays the guitar, writes songs and poems as well as reflections, loves to cook especially gourmet cheesecakes, enjoys working in the garden and relaxing with a fine glass of wine.

          Dave has “found” God in his family, music, writing, cooking, garden and….. grapes!  Looking for God?  Follow Dave!  And, come to your senses!










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