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Daniel's Story


A Life I Didnít Sign Up For


As I was growing up, with plenty of friends, playing baseball nearly year round and being raised by a fantastic and loving family, never did I think I would go down the path of being a drug addict. When I was offered pot in high school it was a quick and easy Ďno thanksí. I mostly avoided situations where that was even a possibility. I even had a teammate on my baseball team when I was 15 die of a heroin overdose, it was his first time doing heroin and he did not survive the ordeal, that was enough evidence for me to never consider drugs. I was 18, in my first week of college when I smoked my first joint filled with pot. I suppose the thinking behind it was that it was just pot, nothing serious. Someone offered and I quickly accepted it. My life would never be the same.


Before I knew it, pot was not doing the job and someone I knew had some opiates with him one night around October 2008. I figured whatís the harm? Itís a prescribed pill, nothing illegal, whatís the worst that can happen. Opiates have seen a giant boom in use since around the year 2000. In 2017, nearly 58 of every 100 Americans were prescribed an opiate. An astronomical number. I was someone who picked it up recreationally but I know countless people that were prescribed heavy doses of painkillers because of an injury or surgery and found themselves addicted within just a few months. Athletes, motherís and fatherís, professionals, itís affected America all across the spectrum. I was a 19 year old college kid when I first used them and it brought me down the path so many have gone this past decade, to heroin. Pain pills are highly expensive any many people make the discovery that heroin has the same effect for much cheaper. Before they know it they are hooked on heroin. An absolute epidemic in the year 2019.


In May of 2016 I had finally had enough, I had isolated myself from every single family member and friend that I had and even worse, my father had just died of a heart attack 2 months prior, he was my best friend. I hit complete hopelessness which is what brought me into detox followed by an residential treatment center. The beauty of hopelessness is that it made me ready to listen and ready to do whatever I need for change, I knew I could not continue my ways especially with the face I had to grieve the terrible loss of my father. He was my main inspiration, I am sober to this day because of the morals and values he taught me and because of fantastic guidance from other sober individuals.


I enjoy sharing my story because I want anyone out there to understand, if you are having a problem, and those who have the problem know they do deep down, reach out to someone, anyone. The hardest thing I ever had to do in my life was let my family know I was addicted to drugs, but once I did, there was hope, because they wanted to help. It may have taken me a little while to finally get the help I needed but once I did it was the greatest thing I ever did in my life. The most comforting thing when I first admitted I needed help was how many people were supportive and proud of me. I thought they would judge me and want nothing to do with me, that was not the case. I promise it will not be the case for you either. I hope this message finds at least one person to inspire them to go change their lives.


Daniel Wittler is a writer in recovery from South Florida, he hopes to share his message anywhere he can to advocate that absolutely anyone can get sober provided they are ready to change their lives.








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