Daddy's Hands

My Daddy's hands were rugged
yet had a gentle touch
like healing salve, a band-aide
when life became amuck

Fingers long 'n slender
brushed thru curly hair
mended wounds of childhood
with tender loving care

Taught me family values
Daddy's Faith was strong
mentor, friend 'n hero
molded Sacred bond

Was but a tot in diapers
'n music to his ears
reflecting in the moment
through laughter, salty tears

Knuckles raw 'n bloody
cracked 'n broken skin
worked for little money
each day from early dawn

Dad always saved a moment
for nurturing embrace
hugged away all troubles
sweet yesterdays, encased

Delicate 'n feminine
love within my hold
satin, lace attire
wedding bells 'n gold

Arm in arm with Daddy
walking down the aisle
all grown up, a woman
gleam within his smile

Tiny little fingers
curling 'round his own
Dad weeps with inner sadness
grandchildren fully grown

Reaching into shadows
his eyes no longer see
pictures paint his conscience
with awesome imagery

Old and frail, with wrinkles
confusion haunts his mind
slipping into darkness
as midnight hour chimes

Daddy's life near over
each breath becoming weak
seems recollections tiptoe
down his tearstained cheeks

Holding hands with Daddy
stepping back in time
fingers tracing footsteps
of those days now gone

Clinging tight the memory
last smile on Daddy's face
it's warmth forever golden
can never be replaced

Fingers cold, discolored
folded 'pon his chest
I whispered Dad, I'll miss you
hands of time at rest

When my days are over
I finally meet my fate
Daddy's hand will lead me
past the Heaven's Gate

© 06/15/12
By Rose Marie Streeter
(All rights reserved)







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