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Crossroads! A Reflection!


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This reflection is not as much about politics as it might seem, but is about the survival of Christianity, our Constitution, and our Republic (Democracy). if we believe that Jesus has called us to spread the gospel message of his love and forgiveness in this country, and beyond, how is that going to be possible if our right to do just that is, in a very real sense, being taken away from us? Having said that, I submit to you that this reflection is based on the words that Jesus himself spoke to his disciples and followers of His, and speaks to us today.
 In his poem, “The Road Not Taken” – Robert Frost concludes, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”
 All of us, it seems, have made choices at the crossroads of our lives. The choice of schools, jobs, marriage partners, friends, children, lifestyle, and faith expression. We cannot change all past choices. However, we can have some control over future ones. When we, as individuals and as a people, have faced decisions where human reason seemed so “reasonable” and God’s wisdom seemed so ineffective and even foolish, we have not always chosen God’s way.
 It is quite apparent to me, that we as a country have come upon a very disbursing crossroad at this particular time in our lives. The moral fiber of our identity as Christians is being threaten by the very people we have elected to serve us as our leaders. We the citizens of this country are being betrayed by a government administration who seems to want to crush Christianity and take God out of it and our lives completely, so that it can control almost every aspect of our living. And to top that off, to embrace those things that are not of God; to make laws that do not coexist with God’s commandments. It is indeed scary and we must stand tall to regain who we are for the sake of our children and grandchildren, or they will have no rights as an American citizens. We should be concerned about the agenda of this administration, that seeks to pull away from the morals and values that make up the fiber of our Constitution. We should be very concerned.
 I look back in time many years ago when I was so very young. Our country was involved in a war, but it was called a “conflict.” Still yet, to those who fought, it was a war, and to those who fought and died, it was for the cause so that our great nation could remain free. Yes, it was hard to see so many soldiers killed in Vietnam and also badly injured, but we knew, that it was the price that had to be paid in order for us to remain a free nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. Oh the government leaders at that time might have had different reasons for us being there, but we knew in our hearts what our reason for being there was.
 Just like we know in our hearts why all those who paid the ultimate price in all the wars before us, our fathers, grand fathers, great grand fathers, and on down the line, to that time when our country’s young men first fought for the right to exist as a free country in this world, and thus founded this America, the United States of America. We were founded as a Christian nation, and nothing less, and we are still that Christian nation yet today. Though the leaders of our country now seem to have lost sight of what we are about, and have and continues to pursue us in a different direction, far away from what our founding fathers fought and died for this country to be. Of course we welcome other beliefs in God and respect them if they share the same morals and values as we, but we will always be a Christian nation.
 How very concerned we should be of the course and direction that our leadership is taking us now. As if all of those who paid the ultimate price, all of those who incurred disabling injuries, were for naught. And even yet today, men and women are defending our country for the very same reasons that we did in the past.
 We fought and still are fight for the rights of the people of this country, not for a government administration. We pledge our allegiance to our flag and country, not to a President. Our troops who are fighting now are fighting for the right for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness just as we did back then. Not for the happiness of our misguided leaders of today, from both political parties, but for those who still see our once great country as united under the banner of those Christian morals and values of days long past. God and country can never be separated, for who we are as a country in deeply rooted in Him. It is not rooted in anything else, not the whims of government leadership that defies God by promoting the taking of unborn lives, and using our tax dollars to do that also around the world;  that seeks to change our Constitution, or even yet get rid of it. No one government, no one person has such authority to do that, and the real America citizens of this country will not let that happen.
 Now we are led by government leaders, in my opinion, who, by there actions or lack thereof, seem to be self seeking, self serving, money hungry, corrupt, and paid off by special interest groups, and seem to lack any moral foundation at all. That is not to say that all of our leaders are, but certainly those who have the strongest vote.  As I watch the laws being drawn up to be passed day after day, and it seems as if our President is doing that by himself without Congress, I see these laws as to make this country a socialist country, and though it makes me feel like throwing up, I am certainly not going to give up, as are so many millions of faithful American citizens all across this great land. I see a weak and despicable government leadership that has completely abandoned the American way of life, our flag, and the rights of every American citizen. And I ask myself many times, “How can one people be so corrupt and immoral, that it even fears those who are of the weakest link in our society?” What a complete turn around in the opposite direction of what this country stood for and is suppose to stand for today. What a mess!
 This leadership in our government cannot redefine marriage as to suit their notions or that of a gay rights community, despite the amount of money and pressure that is being paid to them. God defined marriage when He created the first man and woman, as a union that was of a man and woman, a spiritual union with the privilege of being co-creators with God of human life. No one has a right to change what God has created to be. Even though state judges in various states are catering to such a change of law because they fear the outcry of special interest groups. You cannot undo what God has done, without facing His justifiable wrath upon you, no matter how large or how much money you have. These are not rights that our soldiers have fought and died for. They are the whims of morally decayed government leaders, elected to the national and state level of this country, for the sole purpose of serving the people, and not just a minority group.
 We have an administration who calls citizens who disagree with it ideology, agenda, or ridiculous pursuits, extremists and terrorists. How much more self serving could that be? A government who wants to dictate, not seek the peoples voice; a government that wants of be in control of all aspects of the lives of it’s citizens; who wants to suppress us and make us completely dependent on government leadership for health care, energy, climate, industry, transportation, and not only dependent, but submissive to it;  a government whose purpose is NOT rooted in the laws of God and definitely not of the Constitution as well.
 Jesus had many crossroads in his life: in the temple when he was twelve, in his Jordan River at his baptism, in the desert before that, in the garden, and on the cross. Jesus chose the narrow road, the one “less traveled by,” but the one willed by his Father.
 Perhaps now, more than ever, it a time for us to pray that Christ will strengthen us to follow God’s lead at our crossroads. Let us pray that this be the course that we stay, that political correctness, politics, and the agenda of our leaders, and that of special interest groups be null and void; that we continue to be one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, and the pursuit of happiness as defined in our Constitution.
 In all of this, we realize that while we are on this earth, we have not “arrived” at out final destination. For now, it is our lot in life to “travel hopefully,” trusting that as we meet Jesus along the way, we will take him in with an open heart and be nourished for the next leg of our pilgrimage.
 Then, when we are at the final crossroad leading to eternal life and we can believe without seeing, we can say: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – well, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”


It is not my intention to offend any one person, but the survival of our country is at stake, or we might even become submissive to a third world order with no rights at all.


Thank you and God bless all of us and our country.


Deacon Steve A. Politte
© 2/15/2009










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