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My Christmas Wishes For You

Words Spoken So Softly

Autumn Is Near

Christmas And Snow Scenes


The Onset Of Winter

Let Me Be The One

A Struggle To Be Free

Four Words

A Story


Trust Me

My Inner Child

A Whispered Message

Don't Despair


A Sinner Saved

Here For You

Look Within

Loving Words Not Spoken

I Silently Wonder As The Sun Sets

A New Year Full Of Wishes

My Christmas Wishes For You

17 Words

If I Could

What Your Friendship Means

Where's Pam And Who's Marge


For You, From Me 

I Believe 

The Last Season Of My Life 

Where Is Marge 

The Labyrinth Of Life 

Tide Of Emotions 

A Heavenly Vision 

All These Things 

For You Mom 

Answering His Call 

I'm Not Gone 

Obstacles Are Blessings 

Deja Vu 

Your Self-Portrait 

Follow The Light 

It's Not The End 

A First Time 

Journey Of Life 

No One Saw 

Time - The Thief 


Old Photographs 

The Twelve Gifts Of Birth 

An Unexpected Visit To Heaven 

Teardrop Angel 


A Heavy Heart 

A Feeling For Christmas 

Freedom Isn't Free 

The Reason For The Season 

Autumn Being Born 

Am I Worthy 

Have You Tried 

The Lord Saith 

In The Darkness 

A Sense Of Awe 

Autumn Rain 


Veil Of Fear 

Take The Time 

I'm Not Gone  

The Kiss   

Just Dreaming  

A Secret Kept Hidden  

Things I Enjoy  

Distorted Reality  



Something Is Missing  

Lost Souls  

A Blank Page  

Never Knowing Love  

Older And Wiser  

The Winning Of A Soul  

The Quieting Of A Storm  

Once Upon A Sunrise 

Peace And Serenity  

Walking A Fine Line 

An Epiphany  

In The Shadows 2  

Lead The Way











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