~The Dawning Of A New Day~

Sometimes when I'm weary
And feel I can't go on,
I sneak off to my "special place "
In the light of early dawn.

My place is deep in woodlands;
" God's Country " it's called by some.
When my burden gets too heavy,
I hear my place call, " Come ".

I go there when I'm saddened,
And my heart is aching so;
The beauty and serenity
Help to ease my pain, I know.

It's there that I find comfort;
Sometimes I need solitude.
I feel so much closer to God,
And He gently lifts my mood.

I don't know if it's my special place,
Or the Lord above, Himself;
But somehow when I leave there,
I feel that I have wealth.

Perhaps it's just my being there;
Or maybe it's God's own way,
Of telling me to try again;
It's the dawning of a new day.

~Author B.J. Morbitzer~




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