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Let us celebrate the birthday
of this great nation we call home
From the farmlands of her fields
to the seashore’s churning foam

Old Glory unfurls her glorious
stars and stripes in the gentle wind
And the majestic eagle soars higher,
its mighty flight to never end

This wonderful land was blessed
by our Heavenly King this we know
The splendor of windswept plains,
a desert with colors of a rainbow

Mountains that seem to go on and upward
into skies of azure blue
A beautiful garden of paradise
that He gave as a gift to me and you

We were given the freedom to worship
without fear of retribution
The freedom to voice our thoughts
without the threat of execution

To follow our heart’s dreams
and know hope was always there
That all people could strive, working hard,
to earn their fair share

We opened our shores to those wanting
a new beginning, a new life
To free themselves of the yoke of despair;
live without fear or strife

To share in the pride of a nation
filled with people brave and bold
The Constitution and Laws of this Land
to always and ever uphold

As we honor our homeland,
let us not forget the huge debt we owe
To those Golden Warriors who through time
have been ready to go

To give their life, when necessary,
to protect the length of our shores
They fight to give us the liberties
and freedoms all people pray for

As we sing “America the Beautiful”
and celebrate this special day
Picnic with our families and friends;
let us always remember to say

Dear Father in Heaven, thank You
for these blessings and this day
All of these wondrous things we enjoy,
may we never throw away

©Janice Stefher
In honor of our nation’s birthday.





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