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His Hands Not Mine


by BamaBob Yates


First ¬- let us be thankful they landed here ;
after sailing ‘cross the sea’ .
Here - they felt His presence was near ;
and so their lives could be free .

Secondly - let’s be thankful for hardships ;
like those the Pilgrims came through .
Each one helps us - to better “come to grips” ;
so each makes us stronger too .

But don’t just wait for Thanksgiving Day ---
to be thankful for all that comes your way .
Think - now what are we thankful for ?
there’s more than any will know .

But some seem to think - there should be more ;
like - anything they say goes .
But let us be thankful in living ;
‘n just knowing daily pleasures .

If that’s our lot - everyday’s Thanksgiving ;
and everything’s a treasure .
So don’t just wait for Thanksgiving day ---
to be thankful for all that comes your way .

BamaBob Yates













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