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I Am The One

I was the Beggar with nothing to eat
I was the Cripple who was lame in his feet

I was the Blind man who could not see
And I was the Leper who stood hopelessly

I was the Thief who was hung by His side
And I watched in horror as He slowly died

I was the Mocker who spat in His face
Who spurned His Mercy and despised His Grace

I was the Soldier who platted the thorns
And sat down to gamble for the robe He had worn

Yes, I am the Sinner, the worst of them all
I am also the one whom He came to call

Yes, I am the man who was swollen with pride
But Iím also the one for whom Jesus died

And although I was blind, thank God I now see
For the Blood of Christ has availed for me.

© Arvil Jones

April 16th, 2012





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