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This page has all of our anonymous and unknown videos.






National Geographic Ptotos

Really Old Pictures 

Lessons Of Failure

My Precious Child

What To Do

Catch The Moment 2

Tips For A Better Life In 2011

Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Park


Food For The Heart And Soul

This Journey Through Life

Does Evil Exist

Life Of Two

The Final Inspection

Thank You Lord

Indian Paper

My Savior's Love

Babysitters And Friends


A World Without Tear

The Four Candles

Life's Truism

Prayer Book

My Mother Told Me


It's Spring 3-17-10

Horse And Mulepower

A Glimpse Of Winter Beauty

911 Aerial Photos

Rich and Poor

Paintings By Alfredo Rodriguez

2010 USA

Old Movies

It Seems Impossible

Robert Duncan Artwork




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