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There really isn't a whole to say about me.  I am just an everyday ordinary person like most folks.  I am an ordained deacon from the Archdiocese of St. Louis, was ordained on February 11th, 1989 along with my oldest brother Glen.  I was assigned to our home parish of St. Joachim and St. Joseph in Old Mines and Tiff Missouri, respectively.  St. Joseph is a mission parish about ten miles from Old Mines.  However, due to an injury I sustained while working for the Missouri Pacific, now known as the Union Pacific Railroad Car Repair Shops in Desoto, Missouri back in 1988, I am currently permanently disabled.  So I am really not able to minister as I once could in our church, thus the reason for this website.  I wanted to create a website for folks of all faith expressions, where they could come and visit and perhaps just enjoy or be fed by the many videos and other pages;  lifted up, inspired, could just relax and be in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  My only call to fame is that my wife Joyce, is the spiritual backbone of this family and keeps me in line.  The first photo is one of her and I taken in 2004.  I am much balder now and fatter, but not as fat as I once was. Joyce is the Principal of our only Catholic grade school in our county, as well and the Director of Religious Education for our entire parish family.  And she is also basically our pastor's right hand, and left, and so on . . . I guess you could say that she is his Pastoral Associate, what I used to be when I was active in my ministry.
















Texas 2013 from Steve Politte on Vimeo.


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