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What great pictures; I was born in 1940 and really appreciate the work you put into this website; Will check out some of the other links as well; God Bless;
20 September 2008

Jerry Lynne Scriven
My husband, Jerry, and I have been married 35 years, celebrating on Sept; 1, 2008; We have 3 children, Christopher, 33, Cordelia, 31 and Christi-Ann, 28; Cori has Zoe, 12 and Jake, 10; This site was sent to me by my uncle of some sort who is a photographer and I loved the pictures;
17 September 2008 - Portland, Oregon

John S Galla
this is a awesome web site thanks for sharing it with us;may God bless you and your family;
17 September 2008

Jeff Guest
Brother Steve I just found your wonderful devotion!!! I have looked right past that page several times, I guess I'm just gettin old!!! I couldn't agree with you more and your wonderful message of love!!! I find much comfort in the fact that God knows the heart and He is the one who sits in judgement of us all!!! Salvation is free for the taking and there is much comfort to be found in it!!! God Bless & keep up the good work!!!
13 September 2008 - Indiana

Karen Bunker
Hi Steve, I just wanted to thank Jeff for his thoughtful comments; I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful website; It is truly a blessing from God to KNOW that it is truly Christian in every way; I know that God is blessing this site and it doesn't happen by itself; It take many hours of love and devotion to make it happen; Thank you for allowing us all to be a part of something so profound; And Jeff, you are a blessing everyday and I am thrilled to have you back with us again; You are always in my prayers; And you are, too, Steve; Love, Karen
13 September 2008 - TEXAS, USA

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