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Archive of Homilies/Sermons/Scripture Reflections


These May Not be In Order


A Servant For All Seasons (Not a sermon)

Looking Back (Not a sermon)



Love One Another by Glenn Politte

Living Out the Gospel Message

It's Time To Be Transfigured

Beloved And Bewildered 

Your Sins Are Forgiven

To Love Is Not Easy

The Spirit Is a Movin'

The Good Samaritan

The Beatitudes

Taking Time To Prepare

The Second Sunday Of Easter

Putting God First

Pick Up Your Cross And Follow Me!

Our Light Must Shine

Lord, Will You Teach Us To Pray?

Looking Towards The Future

Let He Who Is Without Sin

Dear Lord We Need A Miracle

He Casts Out Evil Spirits

Come And See

God Is Our Hope


Feed My Sheep

Finally Someone Understands

Fearing The Storms

Easter Sunday

Do You Believe?

Deeds, Not Words

Come Down From The Tree

Christ The King?

A Season Of Faith

Ascension Of Our Lord

Are You Prepared?

Are We Pestering God?

Are We Focused On Jesus?

A Christmas Message 

The Oneness He Wanted 

The Holy Spirit Is our Guide 

They Shall Never Perish 

Palm Sunday 

Holy Week Reflections 

Two Roads

Out Of The Desert 

Touch And Go

We Are Called 

Who Is That Man 

Follow The Light 

Full Of Grace

A Man Named John

It's All About Justice

The End At The Beginning 

Sermon On The Mount 

Master, I Want To See


With God All Things Are Possible

Fearing The Storms

Do You Know Who God Is?

Do You Want To Fly

Faith and Trust

Five Loaves Two Fish

He Pleaded With Them

He Sent Them Out

He Was Not Accepted

His Compassion

I Am The Bread Of Life

I Am The Bread Of Life - Part Two

I Am The Good Shepherd

I Am The Vine

Jesus And The Law

Love One Another

Are You Afraid Of Storms?

Master, To Whom Shall We Go?

The Body and Blood of Christ

The Gift Of Touching

Who Do You Say That I Am?

One Child 





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