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The Website was made with LOVE. . . GOD'S Love for YOU!

We are a Christian, Pro-Life, and Patriotic Website

We embrace and welcome all of God's children!



"Jesus, light the fire of your love in my life!  Burn away all the dross in my heart,

so that I can love You with a pure love and love others with Your own live aflame in me"


"In Christ, all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and you have been given fullness in Christ, who is the head over every power and authority."
Colossians 2:9-10



A Voice Calls Out - homily/sermon for 12/7/2014

Reflections On God


The Five Doors
The Five Doors



Christmas and Winter Videos




Merry Christmas  by Jan Stefher - NEW - 12/17/2014

The Gift  by Steve A. Politte - NEW FORMAT - 12/16/2014

Mary Did You Know  by B.J. Morbitzer - NEW - 12/16/2014

Small Hands Reaching Out To You  by B.J. Morbitzer - NEW - 12/13/2014

Christmas The Story Of God's Love  by Jan Stefher - NEW - 12/11/2014

Christmas Long Ago by Daniel O Donnell  NEW format - 12/11/2014 

Another Winter Season  by Steve A. Politte - NEW - 12/11/2014

Hello Mom and Dad  by unknown author - updated  12/11/2014  

Santa's Place  by Steve A. Politte - 12/8/2014

How Great The Love  by Jan Stefher - NEW - 12/8/2014

Christmas Though The Eyes Of A Child  by Patsy McNutt Morgan - NEW - 12/7/2014

December's Lullaby  NEW - 12/7/2014

If We Make It Through December  by Merle Haggard - New format - 12/7/2014

Mary Did You Know  by Reba McEntire - NEW - 12/7/2014

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas  by B.J. Morbitzer - NEW - 12/6/2014

Tis The Season To Be Jolly  NEW - 12/6/2014

First Snow  by Tamara Hillman - NEW - 12/5/2014

White Christmas by Martina McBride  NEW - 12/5/2014

Winter Garden  NEW - 12/5/2014

A Disney Christmas  NEW - 12/4/2014

Thoughts From My Heart  by Jan Stefher - NEW - 12/4/2014

Glory Of Love  by performed by B.J. Morbitzer

On This Silent, Holy Night   NEW - 11/14/2014

The Sights and Sounds of Winter

Sleigh Ride  NEW - 12/22/2013

Tis The Season To Be Jolly!  NEW - 12/20/2013

O Holy Night  NEW - 12/20/2013

Hello God  NEW- 12/20/2013

My Favorite Season  NEW - 12/19/2013

Joy Of The Season  NEW - 12/18/2013

The Christmas Shoes  NEW - 12/18/2013

Shining Star  NEW - 12/18/2013

Christmas In The Air  NEW - 12/17/2013

Decorating The Tree  NEW - 12/16/2013

We Wish You A Merry Christmas  NEW - 12/16/2013

God's Most Valuable Gift  NEW - 12/14/2013

Very Special Hours  NEW - 12/14/2013

Away In The Manger  (Alan Jackson)  NEW - 12/12/2013

Let's Put Christ Back Into Christmas  (Tammy Wynette)  NEW - 12/11/2013

More Than One Life  NEW - 12/10/2013

Joy To The World Dance  NEW - 12/9/2013

Home For Christmas  NEW - 12/8/2013

Ave Maria  NEW - 12/6/2013

The Wonders Of Christmas  NEW - 12/5/2013

Carol Of The Bells  NEW - 12/04/2013

The Christmas Story  NEW - 12/04/2013

Christmas And Snow Scenes  NEW - 11/24/2013

 Joyful Christmas  NEW - 11/23/2013

The Sights and Sounds of Winter  NEW - 11/16/2013

Magical Christmas  NEW - 11/15/2013

Let It Snow

I Wish You A Merry Christmas

Christmas Time Is Coming 

Way Off In A Manger

From The Manger To Golgotha 


Santa's Letter 

The Meaning of Christmas To Me 

Missing You At Christmas 

Happy Birthday Jesus by Alabama 

I Too Am Dreaming 

Ave Maria by Josh Groban 

Christmas Through The Eyes Of A Child 

My First Christmas In Heaven 

My Christmas Wishes For You 

Angels We Have Heard On High  

Not Just Any Baby 

Frosty The Snowman by Gene Autry  

Christmas Eve In Sarajevo 

Tis The Season 

My Christmas Gift To You 

Christmas Love 

Christmas Without You

Memories Of Christmas Past


Teach The Children

Without Love

The True Meaning Of Christmas 

What Child Is This by Josh Groban

Hello Mom and Dad  

Joy To The World by Mannheim Steamroller  

Remember Lord 

Mother's Christmas In Heaven 

On A Snowy Christmas Night by Elvis Presley

The Stars And The Sounds of Christmas 

A Christmas Song 

Open My Eyes Lord 

Hello Mother Mary 

Joy To The King 

T'was A Night To Remember 

A Feeling For Christmas 

An Old Fashion Christmas 

A Different Kind Of Christmas Poem 

A Soldier Called Home   

The Spirit Of Christmas 

They Stood In Silent Prayer by Charley Pride 

Follow The Star

Signs Of Christmas

Christmas Nostalgia

It's Christmas

Powered By Love

My Christmas Prayer

The Heartbeat

Remembering What Jesus Forgot

A Christmas Message To A Friend

What Christmas Means To Me

Let's Keep Christ In Christmas



Songs Gallery

Featured Videos and Other Pages (click this link for all video pages)

Note:  65 videos (1st 3 months of 2014) have been moved to Featured Videos Page Fourteen 

74 videos  (April - July) have been moved to Featured Video Page Fifteen  as of  11/8/2014

50 video (Sept. & October) have been moved to Featured Video Page Fifteen  as of 12/1/2014



Music For The Heart  by performed by B.J. Morbitzer - NEW - 11/24/2014

Three Times A Lady  by Conway Twitty - NEW - 11/21/2014

Just Checking In Today  submitted by Bob Fink - NEW - 11/21/2014

Our Seasons Of Time  by Jan Stefher - NEW - 11/21/2014

Teach The Children  submitted by Sue Sinkhorn - NEW - 12/5/2012 (not a video)

When The Well Goes Dry  by Steve A. Politte - NEW - 11/15/2014

A Prayer To Share  by Jan Stefher - NEW - 11/15/2014

These Moments That I Treasure  by Steve A. Politte - NEW - 11/14/2014

On This Silent, Holy Night  by Stephen Meara-Blount - NEW - 11/14/2014

All For The Love Of Sunshine  by Hank Williams Jr. - NEW- 11/11/2014

How Great Thou Art By Connie Smith  - NEW - 11/10/2014

Places In My Heart  by Steve A. Politte - NEW - 11/8/2014

Part Of God's Crew  - by Jan Stefher - NEW - 11/8/2014

I Am Redeemed  by The Oak Ridge Boys - NEW - 11/8/2014

More Love Songs  as performed by B.J. Morbitzer - 11/4/2014


Searching  by Steve A. Politte - NEW - 10/31/2014

The Lord's Always With Me  by Shirley Baucom - NEW - 10/25/2014

Waterscapes  - NEW - 10/24/2014

Love Songs  as performed by B.J. Morbitzer - NEW - 10/23/2014

Another Birthday  by Stephen Meara-Blount - NEW - 10/23/2014

Longing  by Jan Stefher - NEW - 10/21/2014

A Genius Says Goodbye  - NEW FORMAT - 10/21/2014

Riding The Rails To Heaven  by Jeanie Robertson - NEW FORMAT - 10/21/2014

Waltzing Matilda  NEW FORMAT - 10/21/2014

I Surrender All  by Don Moen - NEW - 10/17/2014

A Castle In The Sand  by Steve A. Politte - NEW - 10/15/2014

Looking  by Jan Stefher - NEW - 10/14/2014

Raggedy Ann's and Ugly Ducklings  by Eva Dimel - NEW - 10/6/2014



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