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Most of the videos that I had are no longer working because the website that processed these videos and produced a code deleted my accout!  However, I am in the process of restoring these videos so that can happen again!  Thank You!




When This Storm Is Over  by Steve A. Politte - 10/29/2018

One Pair of Hands  by Jimmy Martinez - 10/29/2018

The Lucky Ones  by Jack and Time (You Tube) - 10/26/2018

Abba Father  by Michael Card - 10/26/2018

There Was A Time  by StoryBooks - 10/21/2018

I'm Not Giving Up  by Squire Parsons - 10/3/2018

Overcoming Our Past - Reflection - 10/3/2018

He's Interested  -  Reflection - 10/2/2018

 Source of Strength  by Ronnie Cottingham  - 4/17/2018

I Will Understand It All Someday  by Squire Parsons - 4/15/2018

O Precious Blood  by Squire Parsons and The Squire Parsons Trio - 2/27/2018

My Lord Has Never Failed Me Yet  Squire Parsons - 2/21/2018

The Blessings of a Storm  by Wendy Lefko  - 2/14/2018

America, Keep Holding To God's Hand  by Squire Parsons - 1/26/2018

"Dem Bones"  by Squire Parsons - 1/26/2018

God's Marvelous Grace  by Jo Ann Kelly - 1/26/2018

Oh, What A Promise  by Squire Parsons - 1/6/2018


Jesus Was Born In Bethlehem  by Jan Stefhr  - 12/18/2017

Georgia On My Mind  by Jim Hendricks - 11/2/2017

Family Reunion  by Squire Parsons - 11/2/2017

Masada  by Jan Stefher  - 11/2/2017

Tranquil Peace Of Faith  by Jan Stefher - 11/2/2017

Forever To Stay  by Steve A. Politte - 11/2/2017

Hello Mama  by Squire Parsons  11/2/2017

The Hope And Faith Of Love  by Jan Stefher - 11/2/2017

Beauty Of The Desert  by Jo Ann Kelly - 11/1/2017

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes  by Jim Hendricks - 11/1/2-17

Garden Of Grace  by Jo Ann Kelly - 11/1/2017

Soon It Will Be The Midnight Hour  by Jo Ann Kelly - 7/22/2017

Touched By Our Feelings  by Jo Ann Kelly - 7/22/2017

Jesus Is Coming Soon/The Best Is Yet To Come  by Ronnie Cottingham - 7/22/2017

Through Every Valley  by Jo Ann Kelly - 7/22/2017

What Would We Do Without Jesus  by Jo Ann Kelly - 4/25/207

Sweet Beulah Land  by Ronnie Cottingham - 4/25/2017

Heavenly Sunshine  by Jo Ann Kelly - 4/4/2017

Old Things Have Passed Away  by Jo Ann Kelly - 3/29/2017

The Face of Jesus  by Jan Stefher  - 3/2/2017

He Came To Me  by Ronnie Cottingham - 2/24/2017

A Night To Be Remembered  by Square Parsons - 2/24/2017

The Old Rugged Cross  by Ronnie Cottingham - 2/24/2017

The Next Breath  by Jo Ann Kelly - 2/24/2017

Through The Valley  by Jim Hendricks - 2/24/2-17

I Will Be Here  by Ronnie Cottingham - 2/24/2017

The Morning You Left  by Jan Stefher - 2/24/2017

This Love of Ours  by Jan Stefher - 2/24/2017

You're The Only Bible That Some People Read  by Ronnie Cottingham - 2/23/2017

Giving Thanks For The Simple Things  by Jan Stefher - 11/1/2017

The Gift Goes On  by Christi Merck - 12/3/2016 

Christ Is Born  by Squire Parsons - 12/3/2016

I've Had A Glimpse   by Ronnie Cottingham - 12/3/2016

 I'll Be Home For Christmas by Ronnie Cottingham - 12/2/2016

The Greatest Gift  by Ronnie Cottingham - 12/2/2016 

Christmas With You  by Ronnie Cottingham - 12/2/2016

Someone I Love  by Stephen Meara-Blount - 11/17/2016

Autumn Leaves  by Jim Hendricks - 10/19/16


 My Lord! My Lord!  by Jan Stefher - 8/30/2016

Me And My Little Sister/Tell It To All 

by Christi Merck & Jennefer Williamson - 8/30/2016

His Eye Is On The Sparrow  by Ronnie Cottingham - 8/30/2016

In The Presence of Jehovah  by Ronnie Cottingham - 8/30/2016

My Counselor  by Jan Stefher - 8/23/2016

Amazing Grace  by Ronnie Cottingham - 8/20/2016

How Great Thou Art  by Ronnie Cottingham - 8/16/2016

God Knows/He's Gone  by Ronnie Cottingham - 8/13/2016

Looking  by Jan Stefher - 8/1/2016

How Tender The Heart  by Jan Stefher - 7/27/2016

Desiderata  by Jan Stefher (narrated by Les Crane) - 7/20/2016

A Little While  by Jan Stefher - 6/20/2016

Our Love Devine  by Jan Stefher - 6/18/2016

Redeeming Grace  by Ronnie Cottingham - 6/14/2016

Signed, Sealed, Delivered  by Ronnie Cottingham - 6/14/2016

Tell Me His Story/Nothing I Like Better  by Ronnie Cottingham - 6/9/2016

Our Only Hope  by Ronnie Cottingham - 6/9/2016

Lovers  by Jan Stefher - 5/24/2016

Down At The Cross/Blessed Be Thy Name  by Ronnie Cottingham - 5/13/2016

The Unclouded Day  by Ronnie Cottingham - 5/13/2016




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Eva Dimel

April 1 at 9:52am

There is a lot of my life story in here some of it has been Embellished by the Editor and the names have been changed. But most of it is true. It was not easy for me to write but( Arvil Jones) who is a Pastor worked very hard on this with me. Arvil helped me, and encouraged me through it, Thank God. I said I would never write this story but God had other plans, and I Pray it helps someone else. And growing up even as an adult I always felt like I was Trash but on this journey God has shown me other wise. The Books are $18.00 and that includes postage in the USA If You Would Like One Just Let Me Know. God Bless You

 Eva Dimel

cost of book $18.00  Email Eva at edimel9775@sbcglobal.net

I have finished reading this book by Eva Dimel.  I have read a lot of books in my lifetime, some pertaining to similar events as is in this book, but none as horrific, as tragic, as abusive, and as compelling, none portraying the courage, the love and clinging to our Lord as what this Eva has had to deal with since she was three years old.  Unbelievable, surprsing, astonishing, is this book.  You will shed tears of compassion reading this must read, but also rejoice in Eva's victory over all that she was subjected too. 

Steve A. Politte




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